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Meet Our Staff

Zach Grove,

The foundation of Armada Global was formed on September 11, 2001. On that day, Zach knew he had to get into the fight to help protect our country from those who sought to do us harm. Zach spent the next decade serving in the CIA as both an Operations Officer and as a Staff Operations officer within the National Clandestine Service’s Counter-Terrorism Center (CTC). While with CTC, Zach served in notoriously hostile environments.

In 2010, Zach left federal service and founded Armada Global. Specializing in high-tech surveillance and corporate security solutions, Armada Global was firmly guided by Zach’s background and security expertise. Armada’s professional investigative and security services have been sought after by Fortune 500 companies as well as other businesses, school districts, churches, and celebrities. Zach also developed remote unmanned surveillance platforms that have been nationally recognized and are now utilized by law enforcement and private companies throughout the country.

Kristen Grove,
Vice President

Kristen Grove has served as Armada Global’s Vice President since its inception in 2010. In this capacity, Kristen oversees the company’s investigative division, planning, guiding, and managing all surveillance operations. Kristen also serves as the company’s sales liaison of covert surveillance platforms to private investigators and law enforcement entities throughout the country.

Prior to Armada Global, Kristen spent nearly a decade serving her country in the CIA’s Counter-Terrorism Center (CTC) at the height of the Global War on Terror. While there, Kristen served as Special Assistant to the Director of the Counter-Terrorism Center, regularly interacting with high-level officials from the White House, FBI, Pentagon, and other government agencies. Kristen then moved on to serve as a Staff Operation Officer in CTC where she planned, guided and supported counter-terrorism intelligence operations and investigations throughout Latin America and Europe. In this capacity, Kristen served as the primary point of contact for the provision of operational, legal, investigative and budgetary guidance on counter-terrorism issues in her AOR. It was as a Staff Operations Officer when Kristen honed her expertise in various intelligence disciplines to include human intelligence collection and counter-intelligence.

Jeff Austin,
Lead Security Technician

With more than 15-years of security system experience, including hardwired and wireless systems, Jeff manages many of Armada Global’s camera, alarm, and access control installations. Having completed thousands of installations in various environments, including residential and commercial, Jeff is a master of his craft and is consistently praised by clients for his superior attitude and customer service ability.

Jeremiah Gregg,
Covert Systems and R&D

Often referred to as “Q” (the innovative tech guru in the James Bond series) by his Armada teammates, Jeremiah works behind the curtain to help develop some of the most unique and covert surveillance technologies available on the market today. Once his systems are deployed in the field, Jeremiah often assists clients in assuring the systems are working at their optimal level. Jeremiah’s passion for technology goes well beyond his work with Armada.

Jeremiah earned his B.M. in Music Technology/Electronic Composition from Duquesne University and also works as a musical composer, arranger, keyboardist and recording artist. His big band arrangements have been performed by the DU Jazz Ensemble and the Trinity Music Group and his other chamber works and electronic compositions have been performed by various ensembles at Duquesne. Jeremiah’s original composition entitled “David and Goliath” was recorded for the Album Tribute, produced by Bill Purse. There’s a good chance you’ll see Jeremiah in the Pittsburgh area as he performs for many local events and productions.


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