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Security Systems


Armada Global’s customized alarm, access control and video surveillance solutions ensure businesses can effectively protect their property and their employees. Business owners and managers can always keep abreast of what’s happening, even when they’re not in the office, with real-time video streaming to computers, tablets, and smartphones. When combined with advanced, state-of-the-art analytic capabilities, Armada’s systems can provide virtual guarding solutions that often provide a higher security posture at a fraction of the cost of traditional guard programs. Whether your business is a small establishment or a Fortune 500 corporation, Armada Global can provide security solutions for every size and budget. Armada has provided security system integration and installation solutions to a host of commercial entities to include: school districts, banking, nationwide integrators, government, hospitality, oil & gas, mining, and retail.

Protect Your Investment

  • Avoid frivolous lawsuits
  • Ensure customer & employee safety
  • Prevent employee theft
  • Deter robbery
  • Monitor deliveries
  • Evaluate customer service
  • Check in while away


Connected security cameras are one of the best home security investments that a homeowner can make. Criminals are wary of them. Most will avoid your home if they spot a security camera, making them a formidable deterrent. They're also incredibly useful, allowing you to check in on your family or pets via your smartphone. Just open your mobile app, and you have an instant view of activity at your residence. Watch your kids get home from school while you’re at work or see when a delivery arrives to your front porch. And, when tied into professional monitoring through Armada Global’s Virtual Guard solution*, you can be notified when activity is detected on your property. For instance, if your property is monitored from the hours of 11:00pm to 5:00am, and the Security Operations Center detects activity on your property during that time, they will instantly notify you of the activity for validation or for police dispatch. Now that’s piece of mind!

ARMADA GLOBAL INC provides a full-suite of professional Security Systems services to the Pittsburgh, PA area, as well as all areas of Pennsylvania and Ohio.

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