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Security Concierge

Armada Global’s Security Concierge Program is designed to offer corporations a one-stop-shop for all their security needs, streamlining the often-daunting task of securing sites and personnel. Corporations can eliminate the inefficiencies of dealing with multiple security vendors, which often includes a security consultant, security technology integrators/general contractors, guard providers, and travel security experts. Armada Global’s top-tier security experts, stemming from the owners’ years of service with the CIA, can manage your corporations’ entire security program.

The multi-pronged approach starts with our full Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA), which audits a corporations’ existing security infrastructure, highlights areas of strength, identifies vulnerabilities, and offers solutions to mitigate risks. Armada Global will then work with each company to fulfill their desired security technology plan by managing the security project, then maintaining optimal functionality. Armada can also integrate an elite guarding program, provide employees with executive protection while traveling domestically and abroad, and offer security awareness training prior to international travel.


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