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Protective Services

Executive Protection

Armada Global’s employs highly trained Executive Protection specialists with backgrounds in either the U.S. military, law enforcement or federal government. Trained to perform at the highest standard and the fastest pace, Armada’s specialists maintain security and minimize risk to their clientele while they travel both domestically and abroad. Armada’s Executive Protection staff conduct an advanced assessment at locals prior to a trip to ensure executives’ itinerary is efficient and secure.


More than just guards, Armada Global’s elite protection specialists are highly trained and certified to keep businesses, their assets, and their employees safe. The officers’ capabilities are fulsome, ranging from active shooter response to surveillance detection. Our guards are ACT 235 and First Aid certified and are required to meet physical fitness and weapons qualifications. In today’s environment, guards must be capable of reacting to and managing any situation. All too often, guards are found to be under trained and incapable of dealing with basic security situations. Armada’s guard staff should be viewed as the new normal for security and protection.


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