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Covert & Specialty Systems

Unmanned Surveillance Platforms for Law Enforcement & Private Investigators

Covert surveillance capabilities are synonymous with our name. Armada is the pioneer in building and selling customized covert unmanned surveillance platforms to the investigative community. Today, we remain the go-to source for investigative and law enforcement entities seeking to incorporate effective surveillance technology into their operations. With Armada Global’s technology, targets are documented covertly and in high-definition via one of many numerous concealments outfitted with either fixed lens or PTZ cameras. Investigators are able to monitor the video remotely in real-time, keeping themselves and their vehicles out of the target’s sight. Investigators could obtain exponentially more video with the use of covert platforms than by using traditional surveillance methods. Whether you chose one of our many standard options or want to discuss a custom design, Armada’s units will allow users to obtain the crucial high-definition video they need for their case. Contact Armada directly for additional information on these technologies.

Custom Covert
Surveillance Products

Armada Global’s mastery in covert surveillance installations has been sought after by law enforcement, including narcotics units, businesses, and many private investigative firms throughout the country. Armada’s experts take ordinary objects and turn them into covert surveillance units that stream to the end user and record in high-definition. These units are ideal for retail stores that need to document theft; for businesses that suspect employees are up to no good; for documenting drug deals as they take place; or any other number of nefarious acts.

Armada has built these systems into existing structures and has also used concealment items such as cereal boxes, hanging plants, electrical outlets, clocks, and many others. For these types of covert investigations, it is important to only use items native to the environment for concealments. For instance, if there wasn’t a clock on the wall prior to the investigation, we won’t want to deploy a covert clock unit. Thus, each unit is custom built to suit individual scenarios and applications.

ARMADA GLOBAL INC provides a full-suite of professional Specialty Security (including covert unmanned surveillance) services to the Pittsburgh, PA area, as well as all areas of Pennsylvania and Ohio.

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