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About us


Armada Global is owned and operated by former operations officers with the CIA and is dedicated to providing the highest quality in investigations, intelligence, and security. Company owners, once focused on the security of our country, now focus exclusively on the safety and security of corporations and individuals.



Armada Global offers a full spectrum of security services designed to assist businesses in every aspect of their risk management program. From Security Vulnerabiity Assessments to security technology integration, Armada Global can take the guess work out of keeping your business and employees safe.

Protective Services


Armada Global’s Protective Service division includes both Executive Protection and Guard, both of which are staffed with highly-trained and experienced officers often with backgrounds in the U.S. military, law enforcement, or other government agencies.

Travel Security


When businesses or students travel abroad, it is imperative to take a proactive approach to security in order to minimize risk and know what to do in the event of a security-related incident. Armada Global’s focuses on three important components – country information at a hyper-local level, security education, and security technology.



Armada Global’s full spectrum of security systems can help protect, monitor, and manage your home or business. We specialize in access control, surveillance (CCTV), intrusion detection, and intelligent solutions.



By incorporating technical surveillance platforms with human investigative teams, Armada Global is recognized nationwide as an innovator and leader in surveillance investigations. And, with all surveillance investigators trained and managed by surveillance SMEs, clients are assured the most professional, discreet, and results-oriented investigations throughout the state of Pennsylvania.



Armada Global surveillance technicians work with clients to design and build customized surveillance technology solutions. From advanced unmanned surveillance platforms for use with investigative and law enforcement entities to covert applications to assist with loss prevention in homes and businesses, Armada Global is a recognized expert in surveillance technology integration.


PA License #2010 MD 219

OH License #20192100301939


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