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Armada Global, Inc. specializes in high-tech surveillance and is an industry leader in integrating innovative, covert surveillance technologies.  Armada has re-written the tactics, techniques, and procedures utilized in surveillance operations through the integration of customized covert platforms.  Armada provides full investigative services for insurance companies, self-insured’s, and private companies and incorporates these cutting-edge technologies coupled with investigative teams in all applicable surveillance cases.  Don't settle for just "a man in a van".  Armada is licensed in Pennsylvania and provides investigative services throughout the entire state.  Through a network of affiliates, including numerous firms outfitted with Armada Global surveillance platforms, we provide service to Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey, West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, and Oregon.  Our investigation services include the following:

Anti-fraud Investigations:

One of Armada’s key offerings is anti-fraud investigations for the insurance industry, corporations, and attorneys. To collect the intelligence required for these investigations, we incorporate surveillance; audits; source operations; and overt and/or undercover investigations. We specialize in workers compensation, health, automobile, home and life insurance investigations through techniques to include surveillance, activity checks, medical canvassing, and asset searches.


Armada’s signature investigative service is our surveillance offering. Armada utilizes a proprietary surveillance methodology unique to the private sector which encompasses both technical (unmanned) and manned surveillance. The blending of these methodologies replicates a full surveillance team and guarantees covert and comprehensive collection.  Best of all, Armada’s price is competitive with current providers. Simply put, Armada brings a top tier capability to the table at the current going rate.

Armada Global's video surveillance platforms were initially built for in-house use only, but are now available for purchase by law enforcement and professional investigators.  The Armada Global Surveillance Network is comprised of surveillance companies across the U.S. that utilize Armada's advanced surveillance technology.  Coverage is nationwide.  To learn more about this network, please contact us. 

Corporate Investigations:

Armada uncovers and disrupts intellectual property theft, counterfeiting, and patent infringements via covert insertions, purchases, surveillance, and audits. Armada pinpoints the threat, obtains intelligence on its activities, and works with the client to shut down the operation.

Due Diligence/Executive Profile:

Whether you need to investigate potential partners, investors, employees, or parties involved in litigation, Armada has a complete due diligence option. We offer the basics such as record and database searches and also deep dive due diligence services such as behavior assessment and elicitation, surveillance, undercover investigations, and source operations.


Investigative Services Included

*  Surveillance
*  Activity Checks
*  Undercover Investigations
*  Behavior Assessment and Elicitation
*  Database/record searches - hospital checks,
    asset checks, criminal history, etc.

Armada Global Inc.-Database Searches