Investigative, Security & Intelligence Services

Armada Global is a risk management firm that offers investigative, intelligence, and security solutions to corporations, NGOs, educational institutions and private citizens.  Managed by former operational personnel from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Armada has global expertise.  All Armada staff are either former CIA, U.S. military combat arms, law enforcement, or those with intelligence backgrounds.

We specialize in the following:

--Health, safety and security assessments for the education abroad and service learning sector

--Travel intelligence, tracking and security services for corporations, non-profits, educational institutions, and individuals

--High-tech surveillance blending technical platforms with human teams for insurance companies and corporations

--Building covert surveillance platforms for law enforcement and professional investigators

--Security consulting, executive protection, and surveillance detection services

--Integration and installation of surveillance and security technology.   


*  Anti-fraud Investigations
*  Surveillance
*  Corporate Investigations
*  Due Diligence/Executive Profile

*  Protective Intelligence
*  Travel Intelligence
*  Competitive Intelligence

*  Security System Design & Installation
*  Threat Assessments
*  Advance Surveys
*  Executive Protection
*  Crisis Response